Midsummer Fire Feast

23/07/2013 14:13


The last ten days of June is the time when the sunshine is the longest and the night is the smallest in Finland. Finlander set the Saturday between 23rd, June and 20th, June as Midsummer Festival. Midsummer Festival was once an old feast day to remember the beginning day of Baptist. Midsummer Festival loses its religion color little by little and becomes a glorious festival of people function which is to observe the rosiness and the rich of every thing on earth, as the time goes by. All sorts of party actions could be used following the old-fashioned custom all over the country with this day annually. Seurasaari of the capital town of Helsinki is the center for remembering Midsummer Festival.

Finland is peaceful. In this time, numerous families who're all decked out arrived at Seurasaari to be a part of the party. We're attracted by a few women wearing land clothes when we just move onto Seurasaari after going across the long white bridge. They are wearing mind with colorful scarf, white shirts with elaborate one-piece dress and flower basket at your fingertips. They attract plenty of people to just take photographs with them as they are so beautiful under the blue sky.

Going deep along the path in the forest, we see several small classes of conventional functions on both sides of the path. Residents are dressed in many types of land clothes performing how exactly to do the handicraft and the food. This may let you see the life and work scene of the old people in Finland.

Each of an unexpected, melodious and sweet notes enter into our ears from the distance where there are two girls are performing guitar. On the green bedding of lawn, the kiddies and adult both in bright clothes are playing some folk games. Joy perfuses the mother earth.

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Going forward for perhaps not a long way away, a small grouping of folk musicians are dancing with their hearts' content. While the men are wearing white jackets and black trousers with black shoes on feet which cause them to become really attractive lesgirls are wearing vibrant dresses of classicism. People about are affected so much by the dance which is packed with ardor and riot they can not help but join in the collectivity dance which is now bigger and bigger in series. Each of them dance to the music.